1. I was told that we hold the entire
    universe inside our hearts,
    this explains why some parts of us are burning,
    while some parts are just being born.
    — Pavana पवन (via maza-dohta)
  2. Ásgeir covers Milky Chance ‘Stolen Dance’ for Lik…:

  3.  I don’t know if love exists or not and if it does,  I doubt i will ever understand how it works and so I will likely never love you. I will however care for you, a lot…that it what i will give to you.

  4. home.

    you aren’t feeling like home right now.

    You feel like a car just passing by my town.  A tourist who claims they know everything but you really dont, do you.

    why am i in this.

    this is too difficult.

    this is going to end.

    im giving too much and not getting enough.

    i feel like im not a priority.

    fuck you.

  5. home

  6. sad epiphany of sorts

    it isnt the thought that counts, it is rarely the words coming out of you that counts,rather, it is your actions that mean the most to me.
    fix it.

  7. There is a kind boy
    And I ache to hold his hand
    And spill my heart
    And embrace his words
    Into the early hours of every morning

  8. He said he was going to ask me out on a date but listened to himself to not because  he learned that I push people away. I do, to save myself, I’m selfish that way. My heart was racing like someone had pressed their lips against mine but this was merely an almost date that I probably wouldve avoided anyways. Good for him, he saved himself. Bad for me, opened up feelings and now I feel crap. I should go to a therapist but I can’t.  This life is torture and im tired to my bones. Goodnight.

  9. Drunk is exactly what I am.

  10. Inevitablility

    It’s inevitable but, no one deserves to miss someone so much that they feel like they’re missing a piece of themselves.

    It. is. a. FUCKING. horrible. feeling.

    someone please help me. it feels like i cannot breathe. and im afraid that if someone says one small thing im gonna start crying because i miss them so much.

    note to self: never get close to someone enough to miss them this badly.